Share-Your-Chair film night #1

The 7th of March 2012 is the Kick-off of a new film program, a collaboration of
UHM and Shoot Me Pop Up Cinema:

Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #1
Every first Wednesday of the month, the film viewing will be held at UHM- exhibition and project space. Shoot Me Pop Up Cinema will select the latest cinematic gems we think you might enjoy!In addition to the screening, we’ll invite relevant speakers to give more background information or insights on the topic of the film. After that there will be the possibility for a discussion. Finally, there’s drinks and music to complete the evening! So, drag along your old familiar chair on your head, bike or skateboard and get a 1 Euro discount on your entry ticket!

Wednesday | 07/03/12 | 19:30
Super Amigos
82min / Arturo Perez Torrez / Mexico, Canada
Five local men take on the identity of ‘lucha libe’ professional Mexican wrestlers. Dressed up and masked these activist stride to battle in Mexico city to fight for social values and justice.

See trailer:

To find out more about Shoot Me Pop Up Cinema check out they’re website:

WWW.SHOOT-ME.NL or like them on Facebook!


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