UHM introduces the exhibition MOURNING PAPERS.

MOURNING PAPERS is a tribute to mourning and an exploration into its ambiguity.
The exhibition approaches the subject of mourning throughout its many forms; rough, hard, sad, beautiful, ridiculous, recurring and even seemingly boring. UHM asks the participating artists how to translate personal experiences into a universal artistic context.

In addition to the exhibition itself, UHM will initiate Mourners Anonymous – meetings.
During these M.A. meetings, the participating artists will open a dialog and discuss the different facets of mourning in personal and universal points of view. Philosopher Awee Prins will be present at the M.A. meetings and will give a lecture at the opening event on how to deal with death in the current time, he will also talk about his meetings with the artists.
As a result of the M.A. meetings the artists may reconsider decisions concerning their works and revise when necessary. The registration of the M.A. meetings will be a part of the exhibition and the MOURNING PAPERS publication.

| Laura van Eeden | Milou Rabe | Maite Louisa | Jan Wattjes | Puck Verkade | Floris Schäfer | Annabel Kanaar |

Opening of the exhibition:
13/04/2012 | 18:00-22:00
20:00 Lecture of philosopher Awee Prins

Extensive program:
There will be an extensive program of special events in accordance with the exhibition during the weeks of MOURNING PAPERS.

wednesday | 02/05/2012
This months film night will be in line with the theme of the exhibition.

An evening of words, sounds and sentences.
Keep track on the website or Facebook/UHM for the final date.

Exhibition opening hours:
Thu-Sat | 13:00-17:00 | 13/04/12 – 13/05/12 | or by appointment


MOURNING PAPERS is realized with the support of Gemeente Den Haag en Stroom Den Haag.


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