Closing event CHAINLINK; Left, Said, Did & Opening UHM SHOWCASE

Closing event CHAIN LINK; Left, Said, Did

On the 25th of May UHM introduced the short event CHAIN LINK; Left, Said, Did of UHM’s guest initiator Zoe Reddy. CHAIN LINK; Left, Said, Did shows a series of photographs based on the CHAIN LINK project during the State-X New Forms festival, which took place in December 2011. The participating artists spent individually a day in the studio space of Creative department store HOOP, to respond in a chain to each other’s actions.

Curator of the State-X New Forms exhibition and initiator of the CHAIN LINK project, Zoe Reddy gives with CHAIN LINK; Left, Said, Did a binding form to the actions of the eight artists involved. Inspired by the vanitas theme, the images are composed of both used and created matters and documentation of the actions that have occurred in the CHAIN LINK project space. At the closing event of the exhibition (coincides with Hoogtij #29), the public is invited to continue the chain project by shaping the composition of the seventh, unfinished still life. Both opening and closing events will include music performances

Artists involved in earlier occurred CHAIN LINK project:
Cindy van der AA | Rutger Laumen | Hadas Hinkis | Sam van Grinsven
Puck Verkade | Laura Abbink | Lonneke van der Palen | Koninginger



On the 1st June 2012 UHM will introduce a new ongoing project. UHM SHOWCASE asks the participating artist to react to each other’s works and body of thoughts, creating a chain reaction. A central feature is the presentation in the 24m3 window space of UHM where the artists will work, making their process visible for the audience.

It’s up to designer Amy Jadine to start the chain by reacting on the work of artist Camilo Barreto.

Amy Jadine is a all-round designer with a wide experience in interior design, interior product and accessory design. Keywords for her work are refined and organic which she combines with a textile approach. For UHM SHOWCASE, Jadine draws inspiration from the work of Camilo Barreto, an artist who doesn’t let himself be tied down to a specific choice of discipline or material. His works are often undefinable, experimental explosions with a strong sense of concentration and craft. Results are raw creations that vary (in)between or combine drawings, (wall)sculptures, paintings, carvings, cooking, sound-works and performance.

Amy Jadine takes up the challenge to open UHM SHOWCASE by reacting to Barreto’s work, creating a third language that lies between Camilo’s and her own.


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