Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night #5

Wednesday | 04/07/12 | 19:30 |
Dreadlocks Diversity

This Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night will give an insight into the diversity within the reggae music scene. The sound of reggae evolved from the Jamaican blues, so called Blues Beat in the 1950’s. Nowadays, reggae is a name that holds a great variety of sound and culture. Its influences resonate worldwide through many styles of music, form Pop to Hiphop, Drum’n’bass, Dubstep a.s.o. This program will focus on two contrasting parts of today’s scene; the high BPM fire songs of J.A. and the deep bass, roots core of the U.K.

Alongside the documentary’s, two of The Hague’s hardest working reggae promoters will play their selection of tunes. Sista Lisa of Apache Sound and Gadofowru of Tjotjo Soundsystem.

19.30 | music: Sista Lisa & Gadofowru
20.00 | film: Louder Than Words
21.20 | music: Sista Lisa & Gadofowru
22.00 | film: Musically Mad
23.00 | music: Sista Lisa & Gadofowru

Louder than Words
(80 min, Jamaica)
A portrait of Jamaican youth and their music.
Perform well in the dancehall and it might be a ticket out of poverty.

Musically Mad
(60min, Sweden/United kingdom)
A documentary about Reggae Soundsystem and their crew taking roots music to the masses.
Guided by the message of the music, JAH music!

Every first Wednesday of the month is Share-Your-Chair-Film-Night.
Bring your own seat and get a discount on your entrance fee!
with chair: 3,50
without chair: 4,50

See you there and don’t forget to Share-Your-Chair!


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