Hiding In The Mud

On 7th of July UHM will introduce Hiding In the Mud, a project of Camilo Barreto.

Barreto (Venezuela, 1978) will in the next few weeks create an explosion of his artistry in UHM, arisen from the need to explore the limits of his own abilities. He approaches the space of UHM as a kitchen in which diversity of materials, disciplines and collaborations with other artists are the main ingredients for the project, where the exhibition is a part of.

Camilo Barreto is not easy to capture in discipline or use of materials. His works are indefinable, experimental outbursts in which both a high concentration and craftsmanship is recognized. This results in raw creations in between drawings, murals, paintings, woodcuts, sculptures, social (cooking)interactions, audio editions and performances. Barreto emphasizes the similarity of these fields and the presence of rhythm, colour, movement and structure. His works often refer to organic or social elements.

Hiding In The Mud will show a total installation of murals, paintings, woodcuts, performance and a cooking event. Barreto will perform with performance artist Kay Patru and work on a collaboration with Juan Giraldo in the next weeks.

Opening of the exhibition
07/07/12 | 19:00-23:00
20:00 performance of Camilo Barreto in collaboration with Kay Patru.

Closing event: Tired hands
27/07/12 | 19:00-23:00
Cooking event (limited seats, reservation required).
Simultaneously the next stage of the mural will be shown (for this no reservations required).

Exhibition opening hours:
Thu-Sat | 13:00-17:00 | 07/07/12-27/07/12 | or by appointment


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