UHM | initiatives
UHM is an artist-run initiative realizing and supporting exhibitions and projects. Founded in August 2011, UHM has been operating from The Hague, The Netherlands. UHM’s goal is to create dynamic and cooperative platforms of all sorts in which variations within fields of artistic professions are often main features.


UHM | exhibition and project space
One of these platforms has been the temporary UHM exhibition and project spacein the center of The Hague (Jan Hendrikstraat 62-72). In which between January and November 2012 a range of 16 exhibitions and projects took place. It has functioned as a platform to stimulate artistic creation of visual art, music, dance, poetry, film, cooking, design, philosophy, theater, photography, as well as for collaborations with other art initiatives and established festivals.

Please check our archive for occurred exhibitions and projects, as well as the related participants page.